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Electronics Engineering (Advance Communication Technology)

About the Department

In Electronics , Advance communication technology Engineering always plays a significant and crucial role in the development of current digital technology. Advanced communications can dramatically change how information is provided and consumed, business is transacted and essential services are undertaken. They enhance wireless technologies giving higher speeds, better connectivity, and more pervasive access to communications systems. The insatiable societal demand for an intelligent, automated, and ubiquitous digital world accompanying decreased cost of extracting, processing, storing, and transmitting data has enabled extensive interconnectedness of devices.

Advance Communication Technology is an applied form of science that deals with principles and practical aspects related to design and development of various everyday devices like smartphones, Smart LED Televisions, Projectors, High-Resolution Cameras, Smart Wrist Watches, Musical Instruments, Laptops, Tablet PCs, Smart Speakers, machine robots etc. The discipline concerns electronics devices and software interfaces. At the ACEM Electronics -Communication engineers engage in research, design, development, and maintenance of equipments, devices and systems involved in the field of communication.

Vision of the Department

To be a Research Centre with its social, ecological, and economic environment striving for excellence in education, research and technological services for the society in terms of long-term technical planning.

Mission of the Department

  1. M1- To produce graduates having professional excellence.
  2. M2- To carry out quality research having social & industrial relevance.
  3. M3- To provide technical support to budding entrepreneurs and existing.

Future Scope and Opportunity for ACT Students

As a result of integration of electronics communication technology mediums into a huge number of new industrial verticals, there is always a spike in the number of avenues and hence opportunities for students and freshers for act background. The latest technologies include automation in industries, autonomous drone logistics, self-driving cars, robotics, smart energy systems etc.